After a life changing decision to help someone who had hurt me greatly, I realised where my heart was aligned. It’s these very painful and personal experiences that define you as a person, and I feel that if I had not made the decision I did, it would have changed the course of my life. It helped me grow as a person and really defined who I am and where I am today.

I realised I’m actually most comfortable when I’m doing good work and helping others. I’ve had a great career and I’ve had the privilege to do so many amazing things over the years. In Year 7 at primary school, I attended a careers expo where I met a physiotherapist who worked with children. I became so excited about the prospect of a career in physiotherapy and the dream never wavered. Except perhaps for one moment in university when I was swamped by exams and assessments, and considered possibly becoming an international diplomat.

I’ve basically had three careers in my life. My first career was in physiotherapy, my second in motherhood and my third sees me in the role of a non- Executive Director. Working as a physio for 10 years, and after having children, I realised I couldn’t practise clinically anymore. I couldn’t give parents bad news. It was too hard and it hit too close to home. I had the empathy but I didn’t have enough emotional energy to give. It was a game-changer for me, but I wanted to stay involved. That led me to Kalparrin, where I volunteered as Chair for seven years. I could stay connected to the children and their families, but it wasn’t as emotionally demanding. It was my way of giving back. Coming onto the Board at Therapy Focus was like coming home. I’m so grateful to belong to an organisation that transforms people’s lives and being part of that gives me a great deal of joy.

My other love is the farming life. My husband grew up on a farm and works with cattle and the children and I love it. Our five year plan is to sell the family home and move to a farm once school is over. We are a family who is happiest in our farm boots.

Fiona Payne
Board Chair at Therapy Focus

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