I’ve done many things in my lifetime. I’m a basketballer, a scout leader, a craft enthusiast, an administration officer, a wife and a mother, and I’ve been at Therapy Focus since the very beginning. I’m also a carer to my 31-year-old daughter Lisa and my 87-year-old mother.

There’s no one story that defines me. Life is busy and there’s a lot happening all the time; some of it sad, some of it happy, but every day is different. In 1996 I was volunteering at Kim Beazley School, where Lisa attended, and was approached to get paid working for Therapy Focus doing the exact same job I was already doing. I jumped at the chance. Lisa has autism and she has had a full program since high school, so I can work four days a week.

Over the past 20 years at Therapy Focus I’ve seen some big changes. When I started I did lots of hands-on work with clients and equipment, which I couldn’t do now. I made cushions and straps for the wheelchairs and even took the brakes and chains off an ‘off-road’ wheelchair, cleaned it out and put it all back together. I’ve met some fabulous people and I really enjoy coming to work. These people inspire me and do an amazing job. Everybody’s work ethic has been strong and that’s what’s important to me. If you’re going to do something, do it well, otherwise there’s no point. When I make resources for clients, it has to be perfect. Even simple things like cutting out, the lines need to be straight. If the resource is for someone with autism, you run the risk that they could focus on the wonky line instead of the task at hand. It’s important to do all the things that make you happy. When you do these things, it takes your mind off all the other challenges.

I started playing competitive basketball back in 1974 and I now have a tribe of basketball enthusiasts. My husband, Peter also played competitively and we’ve both been involved in the Cockburn Basketball Association for more than 40 years. Peter worked as the team manager and my son plays too. Lisa is also involved and she helps us out, getting the water bottles and whatever else we need.

Heather Stanley
Administration Officer at Therapy Focus

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