19 years ago, while I was working with Disability Services Commission, I was approached to work for Therapy Focus. It was an amazing opportunity to further my career and build on my passion for working in disability. There were only about 10 people employed with Therapy Focus when I started, and I was the only full-time physiotherapist. For us to start on such a small scale with so few people, and grow to have more than 300 staff today, it’s an incredible achievement.

I’ve now worked for 37 years since graduation, and helping people with disabilities and their families has been such a rewarding and fulfilling experience. I build the most amazing connections with parents. Seeing them invest so much time, love and energy into their children and then beam with satisfaction when they have moments of success is just beautiful. It’s not an easy thing to care for a child with a disability and I admire their courage, strength, optimism and hope. You do your job with heart and for each of the therapists I work with, it’s so much more than a job.

Therapy Focus has evolved a lot over time and now no one discipline can do it alone. When we work collaboratively with other therapists, and put the families at the centre of what we do, we can achieve the best outcomes. I found meaning in my work here at Therapy Focus, as I’ve been given opportunities to use my skills and talents to serve others. I also found friendship, genuine care and support.

When I was younger, I never dreamed of being a physio and having the opportunities I’ve had. Simply combining my two loves of outdoor activities and health science has opened a lot of doors and allowed me to do things I never thought I could. But after a very successful and rewarding career, I’m looking forward to retiring in the next couple of years and spending time learning new things and travelling with my wife.

Jonathan Ng
Team Leader & Advanced Physiotherapist at Therapy Focus

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