Pete’s favourite part of the day is that moment just before he sets out onto the water on his kayak. It’s usually quite early, and it’s like he has the world to himself. There’s something about being all alone with the water… He first got into kayaking when he was eleven, and from that point on he just couldn’t think of anything else.

In secondary school he started to row and loved to spot the dolphins out on the river. We used to ask him, “how was school?” And he would answer, “yeah, the river was beautiful”. He couldn’t think of anything else. One of his favourite memories is kayaking and camping down the Blackwood River in Nannup: paddling in the rain, the adventure, the cup of hot chocolate back back on dry land.

Another fond memory was paddling the Nornalup Inlet, catching fish and sleeping in the dunes, under the stars, with close mates. He just thinks it’s awesome. He never tires of being out on the water, whether it’s kayaking, rowing, paddleboarding or his usual Wednesday morning swim at the surf club. We often catch him looking out over the ocean, deep in thought, pondering what new adventures lie around the corner…

He’s also hooked on the farm life: shearing sheep, foraging for bush tucker and driving quad bikes. Nothing makes Pete happier, or prouder, than helping out friends on their farm. You could say he’s a bit of an adventure junkie – always seeking new things to do, new skills to learn, new people to meet. Sometimes it’s hard to get all of us friends and family organised to help him do all the things he enjoys… But we do our best to try and keep up with him.

Peter Rossen (as told by his mother, Sally Rossen)
Therapy Focus client


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