My favourite quote right now is ‘beauty begins the moment you start to believe in yourself’. I really like make-up. I wear it every day and taught myself how to do it by watching videos. I’m not good at art, but I guess it’s my way of being creative.

When I was eight I became really sick and pale. It happened really quickly. While I was sick they gave me a treatment that I reacted badly to and I had a head to toe stroke, which affected my legs. I only remember the funny parts though. One night Mum went and bought all sorts of lollies and chocolates from the service station down the road, and all the nurses brought ice-cream into my room where we made our own Cold Rock. It was pretty funny when the nurses had to pretend they had been giving me meds instead of eating ice cream.

When I first left hospital they recommended a physio, but she pushed me too hard. So we went back to the hospital and were given a referral to Therapy Focus. I see Emily for physio. Emily is funny and we joke all the time. She makes physio fun, turning it into a game, which makes it so much easier to do. She’s knows me really well and has the same dog as me. My dog is really dumb and runs into things all the time, but he’s really happy and that makes me happy.

Life has been a bit different since starting high school. In primary school my friends were cool with the fact I use a wheelchair, because they knew I had cancer. The kids at my high school don’t understand, but they’ve been fine. When I finish school I want to do makeup and maybe travel to Hawaii and Paris. They both look so pretty. I want to go shopping and eat the food, especially the croissants in Paris!

Shona Heard
Therapy Focus client

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